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PetroClear Spin-on Fuel Dispenser Filters

Spin-on Fuel Dispenser Filters

For years the industry standard, PetroClear manufactures a complete line of fuel-dispenser filters with a wide range of options, including filters for high-flow, extended life and phase separation. PetroClear also markets products that will help maintain your fuel system.  As a division of FRAM Filtration, PetroClear has access to a complete research-and-development lab to help solve any filter-related problems.

Filter Elements and Replacement Cartridges

Filter Elements and Replacement Cartridges

Fuel dispenser filter elements for use at truck stops, card-lock sites and other commercial or industrial applications. These filter elements are designed to remove contaminants such as dirt, water and emulsified water

Adaptor Cross Reference


Filter Adaptor Heads are cast and machined for a better fit and function of
your spin-on filter. Because not all dispensers are supplied with filters,
the Adaptors help when plumbing a new system or retrofitting an old one .
The Adaptors are made to fit with today’s most popular spin-on filters. They
are designed to allow the filter to do its job. Various sizes for different
flow rates and connections are part of the selection.

Other Products

Additional Products

PetroClear offers additional high quality products for you fuel dispensing
systems. Products that make system testing, filter changing and inspection